Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 1-87 
1. Formation Kinetics of Structure H Gas Hydrate

Pages 1-8


Mohsen Vafaii Sefti; Behnaz Parvizi; Farshad Varaminian

3. The Design of the Best Heat Integrated Separation Systems Using Harmony Search Algorithm

Pages 19-40


Gholam Reza Salehi; Majid Amidpour; Bahram Ghorbani; Kazem Hasanzadeh Lashkajani

5. The Design and Optimization of Distillation Column with Heat and Power Integrated Systems

Pages 51-68


Gholam Reza Salehi; Bahram Ghorbani; Kazem Hasanzadeh Lashkajani; Majid Amidpour