The Design and Optimization of Distillation Column with Heat and Power Integrated Systems


1 3Islamic Azad University Branch of Nowshahr, Iran

2 Bahram Ghorbani, PhD candidate Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Energy Conversion Group KNToosi University of technology, Tehran, Iran,

3 Energy System Engineering Department, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Iran


Based on two
integration steps, an optimization framework is proposed in this work for the
synthesis and design of complex distillation sequence. The first step is to
employ heat integration in sequence and reduce the heat consumption and total
annual cost of the process. The second one is to increase the exergetic
efficiency of sequence by generating power in implemented expanders in
sequence. The profit of power generation directly affects the operating cost of
the process and decreases the total annual cost. In each step, the target is to
minimize the objective function of total annual cost. A simulator is used to
simulate the equipment’s specification and formulate the objective function of
cost. Results from employing these two integration steps for the considered
case study show the advantages of such a complex distillation sequence with
heat integration and power generation. The results represent a very high
improvement for the sequence Indirect since the properties of the intake flow
to the process are in a way that in this sequence not only do we have a high
freedom for carrying out heat integration, but a large amount of power is also
produced between the columns due to having high flow rate flows between the


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