Selection of the Best Efficient Method for Natural Gas Storage at High Capacities Using TOPSIS Method


1 School of petroleum and geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma, USA

2 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran


one of the most important energy sources is natural gas. By depletion of oil reservoirs in the world, natural gas will emerge as the future energy source for
human life. One of the major concerns of gas suppliers is being able to supply
this source of energy the entire year. This concern intensifies during more
consuming seasons of the year when the demand for natural gas increases,
resulting in a lot of problems such as pressure depletion in the pipelines. One
of the most effective policies to prevent pressure depletion is gas storage in
warm seasons of the year when public demand is low. In this paper three
different methods of underground and surface gas storage at high capacities
have been discussed which are as follows: depleted oil and gas reservoirs,
liquefied gas storage, and gas hydrates storage. In this study, the NPV
function for economical evaluation of these three natural gas storage methods
was employed. Finally, after assessing the technical and economical aspects of
these methods, the TOPSIS model was constructed and depleted oil and gas
reservoirs storage selected as the best natural gas storage method at high


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